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The Do Better Collective is a specified sphere of knowledge — a domain for those with a shared commitment to engage in lifelong learning focused on developing humane, culturally-informed, and compassionate behavior analytic interventions. This community engages in collective learning through webinars, podcasts, mastermind discussion groups, and conference events and actively seeks to put what they’ve learned into practical action. Join these forward-thinking behavior analysts and professionals who strive, daily, to do better in the field of behavior analytic service delivery.


Trail Blazers Business Membership lets you buy memberships for groups of people, such as companies, organizations, and classes. When you buy a team membership, the team owner is responsible for team maintenance (such as adding members and managing billing), while members enjoy all the benefits associated with the Trail Blazers membership plan.

note: if you need just one membership for someone else, please purchase our TB Gift Membership.




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